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NORBULINGKA INSTITUTE,  illustration and design

In 2007 B&F traveled to the Norbulingka Institute in Dharamsala, India, an organization
dedicated to preserving Tibetan arts culture, and that train and employ Tibetan refugees who make the arduous journey from China to India.

During a period of three months, we developed ideas for new products that
celebrate a hybrid of modernity and traditional Tibetan culture. Besides a few small wood
thingamajigs, the wrapping paper was the definite winner!  These were all made out of overstocked handmade Tibetan paper, and screenprinted by Purbhu and his gang in the screenprinting shop.

The 8 different designs were mainly variations of the Lotus,a reoccurring theme in Tibetan culture.

To learn more about Norbulingka, visit

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