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Besides making things, we like drawing, especially if we can draw for awesome folks who make awesome things happen!

In our daily life and travels abroad we've been lucky to come accross amazing artisans and artists, NGO's,  and projects, where we've helped out with graphic needs and project development.

Here's a taste of some of our favorite work!




KOKONOR, vi​sual identity

B&F met Catherine of Kokonor in 2007 while working at Norbulingka, and we decided to get together the following year to do a few projects. The plan was for Beetle & Flor to develop an identity for her business and work on a few designs for possible accessories. Catherine was at the time developing her new clothing line, all handmade by Tibetan refugees, who receive fair wages and benefits. Catherine also had set up a child sponsor program to insure that Tibetan kids in the community received a good education.

For more info on Kokonor and Catherine, go ​to

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