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In 2014, Christine did little projects with two fantastic educational programs: Nerdy Derby and Beam Camp.


Nerdy Derby is all about building 'toy' cars with any type of materials, and racing them down Nerdy Derby's state-of-the art tracks, made by founder Tak Cheung. 

Inspired by the Pinewood Derby fo the Boyscouts,, Nerdy Derby emphasizes ingenuity over speed.


After helping Tak out with a few ND event, buddies Tak and Christine traveled to New Hampshire to the Beam Camp, where they both taught basic science and technology to kids ages 8-15 through art. Christine focused on the human body: the kids were each asked to each make a body part while they learned simple stitching techniques and ceramics. At the end of the week we assembled all the parts into a full human anatomy figure.

As a person who learns through tactile experiences, Christine is a firm believer in 'making the stuff you are trying to learn'. 

Below are images of the (awesome) kids' work + a few domain leaders trying to figure out

Tak's technical stuff.


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